How to Take Care of Your Garden Furniture


To take care of your furniture, we have some information below for different types of furniture & Garden Furniture Care options. However, apart from taking care of your furniture, we recommend that during the winter months your furniture is kept under cover.

Caring for Teak Furniture.

To care for your Teak Furniture, you can start oiling as soon as possible by brushing evenly along the fibers to avoid overlapping. Do not use if rain, dew or frost may occur before the treatment has time to dry. When using a Hardwood Garden Furniture Protector, it will most likely seal the wood from unwanted spills such as Red Wine. Once you start oiling your Teak, the process must be maintained. If the wood is left untreated it will turn a Silver gray color, to restore the wood you will need to sand it lightly and apply grease with a cloth.

Caring for Kwila Wood Furniture
Kwila wood (also known as Merbau) must go through a bleeding process before being oiled. This is when the wood releases a red/brown sap during wet or damp conditions, and should be placed on top of the grass to prevent staining of the patio. The bleeding process can be accelerated when sprayed thoroughly several times. During the summer months this will take about 6 weeks and during the wet winters it will take about 3 weeks. If the wood has not been treated for a long time, machine wash the furniture in a pressure washer, if available, then lightly sand it. Please note: this will not make the furniture return to its original color, it will only keep the wood oiled and protected.

Caring for Oak Furniture
Over the years, oak will chip and crack with the seasons, adding to its natural beauty and uniqueness but not affecting the structure of the furniture. During its first summer, the oak will benefit from regular attention as it is seasoned and thereafter needs to be cared for at least annually. Remove dirt and dust with a teak cleaner or warm water, neutral soap and a soft cloth, let dry, then grease with a soft cloth with extra attention to grain and end joints. Use teak, danish or boiled linseed oil to treat your furniture. After the first summer extra treatment, the wood can be allowed to naturally gray with only annual maintenance, although it is possible to restore its original color with thorough cleaning, sanding, and polishing using a variety of wood products.

Metal Furniture
Metal Furniture is perfect for those who want little or no maintenance for their garden furniture. To keep your furniture looking as new as when you bought it, you just need to wash it with hot soapy water. Watch for small chips or cracks in the outer layer as this will allow water to seep under the outer layer and eventually cause rust. If this is indeed the case, touch kits are available at the store, at no additional cost, and will help cover any damage caused by wear and tear

Woven Resin Furniture
Woven Resin Furniture requires little maintenance, just wash with hot soapy water. This furniture can withstand outdoor temperatures as low as -4C, however we strongly recommend that it be closed during the winter months.
Caring for the Mosaic Table. This type of table will be the focal point in most gardens and to keep it in its best condition it must be treated with hard beeswax or certain stone cleaners & stone sealers. Sealer should be used regularly, in thin layers, to highlight the color of the tile and protect it from stains such as Tea, Coffee and Wine. Wash table and chair legs in hot soapy water while looking for signs of chips or cracks. If damage is visible then use Hammerite as this will prevent rust.


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